Why Do You Need to Hire an Immigrant Lawyer for Canada Immigration?

Canadian permanent residency applications can be made successfully without hiring any lawyer. There is no such rule of hiring an immigration lawyer.

And, many candidates successfully file their application and acquires permanent residency of Canada. Whereas, others face delays and even fail.

You don’t suddenly change your mind and decide that you want to immigrate to Canada. It is a life-changing step and is made to change the standard of living of the applicants and their family members.

This is a costly process, and it takes time, and third-party officials take the final decision by rating the cases.

While reviewing, it needs knowledge of laws and rules. The laws and orders for immigration keep on changing depending on the Government of Canada of that day.

An officer who is looking after applications has to follow the government manual and look into an array of issues. The officer even has to look into the ad hoc changes. And then decisions are often challenged by Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer Toronto in the federal court of Canada.

Though the Canadian government encourages applicants to apply without the help of any lawyer, still to protect your rights, you might hire a lawyer.

Difference Between Lawyer and Licensed Consultant

Consultants are hired for only getting advice. Lawyers are hired as they are licensed to do legal functions, such as,

  • Giving legal advice,
  • Interpreting and applying laws,
  • Drafting documents,
  • Representing clients in court.

Every province has their own set of laws. Therefore, following credentials, a lawyer must have:

  • Bachelor of Law (from any recognized university)
  • Examinations of law admission
  • Internship under a practising lawyer

POL or Professional Order of Lawyer regulates conducts of lawyers in Canada.

Rules under POL

  • Should have separate accounts for client fees,
  • Lawyer’s obligation towards clients,
  • Performance of mandates.

If a lawyer breaks any of the above rules, they can be either suspended, or they can permanently lose their lawyer’s license.

Does the province in which the lawyer is based for immigration?

The answer is, no, but only for Quebec. Though provinces share jurisdictions of some kind, by immigration is a federal matter.

As per the Canada-Quebec Accord, Quebec has the right to control its own immigration.

In Quebec, there is a society for the law known as Quebec Law Society or Barreau du Quebec. A lawyer must be a member of that society to practice law in Quebec. Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion has the authority to license a consultant.