Sue Your Lender against Faulty or Misleading Promissory Note

Mortgage foreclosure frauds are truth that can make your life hell without any prior notice. When you apply for a mortgage to buy a property you need to sign numbers of documents and agreements. Understanding all the clauses of such agreements is not always possible. The layout trap of mortgage loan fraud may be lying in those terms. However you can never realize that you are victimized with illegal foreclosure activities until and unless there is an issue with payment of installments.

Mortgage Lender’s Trap

It is a common practice with these giant lenders to mislead homeowners with sweet words of affirmation on submission of loan modification. Often a homeowner submits a loan modification request to save being a defaulter and therefore avoid foreclosure of his property. Banks play easy on such occasions with misguiding assurances of proceeding of your modifications, whereas they purposefully avoid any alteration. Sometimes you are even denied a loan modification. Well, you must understand that it is the right juncture to hire a mortgage attorney to sue the mortgage company against violation of a home owner’s bill of right SB 900.

An experienced mortgage foreclosure attorney can save you in complex cases of mortgage litigations where the attorney file a lawsuit on your behave. Once you miss out on three successive monthly payments, the foreclosure proceedings are generated by the lender with a notice of foreclosure. The mortgage lawyersfrom Consumer Action Law Group are highly proficient in tackling convoluted foreclosure cases. The lawyers work timelessly to stop foreclosure once theyare hired after the homeowner receives a Notice of Trustee Sale or Notice of Default. They have record success both at federal as well as state court in suing mortgage servicing fraud activities from prime banks in California.

Misleading Promissory Note

Mortgage Attorney from Consumer Action Law group

A professional attorney from the Consumer Action Law Group provides manifold client oriented tailored services. They analyze all the loop wholes to stop foreclosure and protect SB 900 stated rights of a home owner by legal means.

  • Reason behind loan modification delay.
  • Permanent modification denials.
  • Bad acts and litigations of lenders.
  • Scrutiny of Estoppel stated by a lender.
  • Negligence in loan modification document handling.

Mortgage Lawyers here provide over the top counseling, initial free counseling, etc. They can issue and process a statute of limitations based of litigations of faulty promissory note provided by the lender. Therefore don’t be afraid of foreclosures anymore when you have Consumer Action Law Group by your side.