How to deal with the worst marriage problems even before they crop up?

It is not uncommon to see the institution of marriage losing its charm with each new generation, with the rising cases of separation and marriage problems becoming more commonplace than they were twenty years ago. With double income nuclear families, rising ego and busy lifestyles leave little room for the relationship to bloom, and when in the marriage problems start arising, it is already too late to make any amendments. The major problem today is that the couple lives in a state of denial, and they hardly have any time for even considering that there might be something amiss in the relationship. Minor incidents build up to more serious problems, and the pent-up frustration eventually reaches a level where there is no looking back, and the damage is already done.

When is the right time to evaluate your relationship?

The sooner, the better. In fact, the key to most of the marriage problems lies in the initial phase of the relationship, even before you have committed to your partner. The initial period, where everything seems rosy and beautiful, and you feel that you have found the perfect partner for yourself is the right time to ruminate on all the aspects of the person and possible marriage problems which you might face in the future.

It is a natural instinct to have a larger than life image of your partner in your mind. It is normal to have a mile-long list of expectations of your future partner. The only problem is, we are but humans and are bound to have shortcomings. So, when you finally do find your match and decide to take the final plunge, do not try to fit in your partner in the frame which you had built in your mind.

How to settle the marriage?

Most marriage problems occur because your partner does not fit in the frame of your expectations, and you start noticing the attributes which you “thought” they must have, but they do not. Your partner, who is made of flesh and blood, and has his/her own set of ups and downs, is a package in itself, and you cannot order individual behavioral features. You have decided to marry the person, the best thing to do once you made up your mind about getting married, is to stop expecting and trust your decision. Having no expectations does not mean you have to be a fool and marry anyone who comes your way. But put in all your intelligence in choosing the best partner for yourself, but once the choice is made, trust your heart and let go of expectations.

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