Do You Need to Consult with a Family Law Professional in Adelaide?

When families disagree, often the disputes need legal intervention. After all, when you are disagreeing with a family member, the emotions can run high. That is why you need to depend on legal advice in this instance. Not only do you need an objective legal advocate on your side but you need an understanding legal advisor. That way, you can settle any dispute fairly and equitably. This is the only way to ensure that everything is handled without further upset.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A family law specialist in Adelaide can assist you in one of a number of areas. These areas include the following:

  • Mediation
  • The creation of prenuptial agreements
  • Applications submitted in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court
  • Issues pertaining to children and parenting orders
  • Property settlements
  • Creating financial agreements that are binding
  • Urgent recovery orders

As you can see, to facilitate any of the above services, you do need a lawyer’s assistance. Otherwise, any family law matter can become rather confusing. For example, if you have certain issues stemming from a divorce that are related to childcare, you need to consult with a lawyer. One of these issues involves the parenting order for a child.

Parenting Arrangements

A parenting order is defined as a set of orders that is made by the court regarding the parenting arrangements for a child. The court makes a parenting order after a court hearing or trial or bases it on the consent order made by the parties in the case.

Therefore, when a parenting order is issued, it may involve any of the following:

  • Which parent can reside with the child
  • How much time a child can spend with each parent or with his or her grandparents
  • What responsibilities each parent holds in the child’s care
  • How the child will communicate with the parent with whom he or she does not reside or with other people in the family
  • Any part of a child’s care, development, or welfare

Understanding Your Rights

Because the arrangement is designed for the particular needs of parents and children, you need to consult with a lawyer about your specific case. A family law lawyer can assist you in better understanding your legal obligations and rights. A lawyer can also explain how the law applies to your particular situation.

If you choose to talk to a lawyer, he or she may also be able to settle the matter out of court. You will not be able to receive legal advice from the court system as doing so can compromise the court’s ability to render a verdict that is impartial and fair. That is why you should count on a lawyer’s help whenever you are confronted with this type of circumstance.