Answers You Got to Know Before Hiring a Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer

In 2016, 272,888 people immigrated to Canada, and out of them, many didn’t even need the help of an immigration lawyer. But out of many applied for citizenship in Canada there are also those couldn’t enter Canada.

Many reasons are there for them being not able to enter Canada. Some people couldn’t prove that their marriage is real and not a green card marriage. Some people were charged as a criminal in the past. Many people are waiting for their permanent residency cards to avoid uncomfortable circumstances.

This is the reason you need a Canadian Immigration lawyer. The immigration lawyers are specialized in the process of immigration, and they are going to help you out with your circumstances.

But before you start searching for lawyers, you need to consider a few important things.

Questions You Need to Answer Before Hiring an Attorney

You need to consider a few things before you hire an attorney.

  1. The Process of Becoming Citizen of Canada

You got to apply for permanent resident first. When you get a permanent residency visa, it means that you are going to Canada for acquiring your citizenship. For temporary visa holders, rarely there may be a cause you will have any need for a Canadian immigration lawyer.

But if you are applying for a Permanent visa, you might have to contact a sponsorship immigration lawyer. You will have to stay in Canada for three years to apply for citizenship. There are three categories people fall in Canada:

  • Family
  • Skilled/Independent Worker
  • Business class
  1. People Involved with you

You can sponsor your family members while you apply for your residency visa.

  1. Your Immigration Status Currently

Clarify what is your current immigration status before contacting an immigration lawyer.

  1. Why would you need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you are from do not know English, you can’t fill up the application. An attorney will help you out with your application filling, gathering information and protecting your right as an immigrant.