After Bail procedure – Guilty or not guilty!

Most of the movies and TV shows represent bailing procedure as an easy task. However, in reality, the scenario is quite different and getting bail isn’t that easy, unless approached through a proper channel. I am not telling this out of my sheer imagination, but from my real life experience.

This Is How It All Started…

I still remember that Friday. It was around 11 PM when I received a phone call from my best friend saying that he got arrested on charges of theft. We both have been working together at a local mart in the Brazorian County for over 10 years now, and from what I know about him, he cannot be the culprit.

He called me up to know if I could help, if I could bail him out. I sure wanted to help him, but unfortunately, I did not know anything about the bail procedure except for what I had seen on TV and movies.

After Bail procedure

Google – The Rescuer!

All of a sudden, I remembered I could contact my good old best friend Google and did some search. After surfing for a while, I found that seeking the help of Brazoria County Bail Bonds was the best available option. Their ratings and reviews were good. All my tensions were relieved when I came to know that they are open 24 X 7, throughout the year, including weekends and holidays.

Upon contact, their representative asked me a few questions regarding the crime. He then assured me that my friend would soon be released and told me not to worry. Since, I did not know much about the incident (theft), I could only provide the agent with my friend’s full name and other details like employment, permanent address, etc. He told me that he would check the public records for other information.

He explained the entire procedure in detail and asked me if I could arrange the bail money, $15,000. I told him that I did not have that kind of money and cannot pay him in lump sum. He then told me that I could pay the amount in instalments against any collateral, such as property, car etc., and I happily agreed. I then enquired about their fees, which, I should say, was modest when compared to the amount of effort they were required to put in.

After Bail procedure

Covering The Bail Amount

He explained that the judge decides the bail amount on basis of the crime, criminal and flight risk; that is, the risk involved in granting a bail to the convicted. He informed me that the bail bond fee was 10% of the total bail amount and that my friend would be released once this amount is paid in full. I could only arrange $5000, and the rest of the amount was arranged by the bail bond company itself, using my car as collateral.

Bail Amount Refund                 

My friend got released the next morning with some restrictions in place. The bail bonds representative then explained to my friend about those restrictions and asked him to abide by them very strictly until he appears for his next trial. Agent made me understand that if my friend is found “not guilty” of the felony, the bail money would be returned soon after the judgement is passed.

After the ordeal

After the trial, the court returned the bail money, minus some administrative fees and the bail bond fee, as my friend was found not guilty of the charges. I couldn’t thank enough the bail bond representative who handled everything smoothly. Even today, when I recollect that incident, I feel proud of myself for having chosen the best bail bond company for my friend.