4 Reasons to hire a Divorce Attorney

There are plenty of things that you do yourself, such as filing a petition, serving divorce papers, and so on; but there are some that are better left to the professionals, like representing a divorce case in court. Attempting to represent yourself in the name of saving time and money could be a costly mistake, and we’ll tell you why.

Getting a divorce is an involving process and a challenging one for that matter. And it gets worse if you are trying to go through the divorce without the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. Legal counsel is there to offer you with legal assistance and guidance to get you through this tough phase of your life.

Getting a divorce attorney onboard might seem like an act of aggression, but it’s quite the contrary. Divorce is a legal procedure that should be approached professionally. So, unless your marriage was short-lived, had no assets and, no kids, or the two of you are calling it quits without a legal or financial battle, then you have a reason to hire an attorney.

Here are four reasons to hire a Galveston Family lawyer to help with your divorce:

To protect yourself

A family attorney will ensure that you are protected – unless you are a law professional or have an incredible understanding of the law, it would be difficult to know how to defend yourself. Besides, even lawyers who specialize in other fields hire family lawyers to represent them in divorce cases. Your lawyer will help guide you through the process, tell you what to say and how to respond to specific questions. And since they have your best interest at heart, they will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you get the best possible outcome out of the divorce case.

You are unfamiliar with family court and/or matrimonial law

Self-represented litigants aren’t given any special treatment in court; prosecution holds them with the same regard as the defendant’s lawyer. Judges are often patient; however, if you are not well-versed with the law, or the kind of documents you need to present, or even the process, you could be stretching the judge’s patience way past the breaking point. Unfortunately, when the judge becomes irritable or annoyed, then they are likely to be less sympathetic. Family lawyers have the necessary experience and know how to make their arguments hold value. Besides, if your spouse has a lawyer, you stand no chance against them if you have no lawyer.

You need objective advice

Divorce comes with plenty of emotions; you may experience feelings of rage, confusion, betrayal, sadness, resignation, and depression. When you consider this level of heightened emotions and the fact that you cannot be objective in your case, it’s only realistic to let an unbiased professional handle it for you. Your family lawyer will negotiate with your spouse or their lawyer to work towards the best resolution for all the parties involved.

You cannot see the big picture

Your focus could be on winning the case, but a family lawyer will aim at creating the best deal possible. The lawyer will work to make sure that the divorce settlement addresses all issues relating to your situation – both big and small. They will factor in aspects like tax issues, college costs, debts, parenting plan contingencies and so on, that you would otherwise overlook if you were to do it yourself.